Our Processing Technique

Solventless Lab

Water Hash

Our ice water hash is made using only the finest grown cannabis from greenhouse and indoor farms around Michigan. We process all of our ice water hash with reverse osmosis water and ice. We only wash by hand and do so inside a walk in cooler that holds at 35 degrees to ensure the best possible conditions are not only met but maintained through out the entire process. Once we are finished washing the plant material the trichomes are then freeze dried and sieved. Nowhere in the process does the cannabis flower or finished ice water has reach a temperature of more than 38 degrees to ensure maximum terpene retention providing the end user with the most authentic representation of the fresh frozen starting material.

Fresh Pressed

Our fresh pressed live rosin is made using only our highest quality ice water hash. We take the ice water hash and press it, at no higher than 160 degrees, for the shortest time possible. This ensures the preservation of the cannabinoid and terpene profile unique to each strain giving you the most authentic representation of the strains character.

Cold Cured

Our Cold Cure process involves taking our fresh pressed live rosin and curing it at varying temperatures that do not exceed 59 degrees. Once properly Cured they are agitated to achieve a loose and wet consistency that accentuates the terpene profile of the strain, making it more fragrant and flavorful when consumed. This process can take up to three weeks to cure!